For men searching for the perfect gift we hope to give you some useful tips. 

Most men don't know their partner's size and style preference — and often are embarrased cupping the air around them to mime the size of their partner's breasts, or pointing to sales person, "She's that size."

Often these unprepared men are wrong. After leaving confidently with their purchases, the men's partners will often return days later to discreetly exchange sizes.

At Ladybird Lingerie ( we know that every woman wants lingerie, something pretty, something sexy. It just has to fit right.

Buying her lingerie is a great idea:


  • BIG compliment. You just told your woman you find her attractive, you want to have sex with her, and you think she’d look amazing in something that leaves her half-naked.
  • Lift to the sex life. If you feel like activities in the bedroom have been a bit stale lately, a could be just the boost you/she needs.

If she buys herself lots of nice underwear and bras, that could be a sign that lingerie is something she’d love. Another sign–she already owns lingerie that she wears on a regular basis.

Of course there are the safe bets, cozy comfy pajamas, silk chemise - something she is unlikely to by for themselves-, or soft and snugly robes. 

Here at least you can give her something for HER that is also luxurious and indulgent. At a great value price.  And she will love you for it!