Lingerie doesn't have to be so complicated.  I often hear women in search for something sexy. Sexy means differently to different people. In most cases, when a woman is looking for something sexy, she means racy.

Women's interpretation of sexy varies. If she's not used to wearing "sexy lingerie" a hot moment can suddenly become cold uncomfortable moment. Want to dabble into sexy lingerie.... Why not start slowly.

To start make your everyday basic work overtime. Before you invest in pieces you are unsure of, ease into it by selecting prettier basics. Perhaps a T-shirt bra with a little lace like Marie Jo Jane's heart shaped bra paired with your favorite style bottoms. A matching thong or a shorty, you're on your way to turning up up the heat. Adding a simple thigh hi to your ensemble can work wonders with your basics.

By wearing something you're comfortable in, you're more confident therefore, you are sexier than if you were wearing something you feel awkward in. The thigh hi takes you a little out of your comfort zone but not so much that your sexy side radiates from your confidence. Next step, invest in a garter you're on your way.


DJ said:

Wonderful advice for all woman

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